Student Impressions

I love the Podcasts! I think that this is a great way to teach without teaching in the class room. The fact of being able to pause the video or go back until you understand is awesome. Also by the time we get to class we all ready know what we are doing and can just start with the work!!!
I feel that the Pre-Podcasting model of teaching is very effective. I learn better when I can go at my own pace and I like being able to do the worksheets in class where I can ask questions. I think that math classes should be taught like this as well.
I am a huge fan of the podcast teaching. It is a very innovative and effective way to teach students. The podcasts allow students to learn material at their own pace and enables them to look back on old material to better understand it. It is a reverse way of teaching. Students watch the podcasts at home and learn the new concepts there, then do the homework in class where the teacher is there to answer questions. This way of teaching leads to a better understanding of material (in my opinion), i love it!
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