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I am currently live Vodcasting class discussions and lessons for my 8th grade science class. At the middle school level, Ecton and I have found it most valuable to use Vodcasting as a remedial tool for struggling students and students returning from absences. I have been uploading my vodcasts to TeacherTube and then linking them to my own teacher website. The conference was very helpful in the “hands-on” understanding the mechanics of the technology, the software, uploads and downloads, etc. I have shared the technology with our ET/IL committee and will volunteer to share with teachers during one of our upcoming inservice days. I really don’t know what you would change in future training- I thought it went very well- you sold me!


I have been doing podcasting with chemistry this year and things are going pretty well. I'm doing the podcasts outside of class- usually after school and I'm putting them all onto Teacher Tube. I'm keeping things pretty basic but my students that are using them seem to like them and feel they really help. I can't think of much I would change with your conference unless you are able to give everyone smartboards :) thanks for all the help.


I am having a GREAT time podcasting this year thanks to your help! (As a reminder, I have the tablet PC which makes it very easy to write and talk at the same time. My school also uses Blackboard which has worked out great with the podcasts, other than it is hard to see the controls when I post it as a medium size file.)

I have recorded at home problems I have worked out for AP on the whiteboard feature, and for "extra" lessons to review material for those who need it.

I have also done multiple "live" recordings with the Microsoft LifeChat microphone you recommended. (Thanks again Aaron for walking me through the playback problems I had!) This has been awesome when my girls are out for their 2 day retreats, and you still need to go on with the rest of the class!!

I plan on pre-recording my first lessons next week to have the students watch while I am out for a couple of days.

If I had not attended your conference, I would not have had the confidence to fool around with the software on my own to figure out how to use it and the tricks to using it. I was ready to podcast right away. The conference was the right length, well planned and well organized.

Thanks again for all of your help and time! We presented at our first faculty mtg. and multiple people have asked me more about it, and are really fascinated by it. It is very fun to have a student comes up and asks if I could podcast a future class that they are going to miss!

Thanks again and hope all is well out in beautiful CO!


I have made more than a dozen podcasts for my science classes and the students like them. I have been giving students a choice of the podcast of reading the book. About half started using the podcasts and now almost ¾ of the class is watching them.

The conference exposed me to a new method of providing students with information in a way they can get more out of it.


Hey guys, thanks for coming to our in-service day and actually giving me something I can actually use. Our superintendant seemed impressed and it looks like we may follow in your footsteps. Actually I thought the format and style of your workshop was great. You gave us a demo and talked about your last three years of experience, giving us a kick start on the whole idea. You made me feel comfortable enough to ask questions, which I rarely do when it comes to technology. You demonstrated how easy it would be for me to enhance my instruction and finally enter 21st century learning. So, thanks, good job.

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