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Though this web-site is devoted to the Pre-Vodcasting model of teaching, we realize there are many great benefits from Vodcasting your live lectures. In fact, this is how we got started. We conducted class as usual, simply recorded our lessons, and converted the lectures into vodcasts. We then made them available online in the same way that we now make our Pre-Vodcasts available.

So why should you bother to record your lessons, go through the extra work to make them into vodcasts, and then post them on the internet? We were astounded by several things when we began recording our lectures. Below is a list of some of the benefits:

  1. Students who were absent really never missed a class. They were able to watch a Vodcast and get the essential material that was covered. This is huge for us in our district that is in the mountains of Colorado. We have many students that can easily become snowbound after a large storm. Also, since we are somewhat isolated, sports and activities often have to leave relatively early in the day for their events. Though some of the real teacher and classroom interaction was missed this was VERY helpful to the students.
  2. Less time tutoring students after school: We have been able to direct absent students to the Vodcasts and we do not have to spend as much extra time re-teaching the missed content to the absent students. This was very nice for us and allowed us to spend more time with our families.
  3. An amazing tool when teachers are absent: When we were absent, we pre-recorded our lessons and students did not fall behind in the material. We teach on a block schedule and if we worked it out we could make a recording of the class on the first day of the block and the second day the students can watch the vodcast while we were gone. This is especially helpful in our subject (Chemistry) because there are few (if any) qualified chemistry substitutes in our small mountain town.
  4. Lessons going out to the world: Once we started posting our vodcasts on the internet, iTunes, etc, we started hearing from people all over the world who had found our vodcasts. Some were students who were using the vodcasts to help them with their understanding of Chemistry, some were teachers using them to learn how to better teach a particular topic, some teachers used them with their classes in cases of absences, and one teacher even corrected us on a mistake in one of our presentations. One teacher in Japan even used our vodcasts in a professional development session as an example of innovative teaching strategies.
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