Posting the Vodcasts Online

What you will need to get the videos to your students

posted by Jerry Overmyer, October 2011

I still think YouTube is one of the best places to post videos.


  • It is totally free and you can easily create an account or channel.
  • YouTube is owned by Google and I don’t see them going out of business anytime soon.
  • If you want, your videos are viewable to the world, so you become a “teacher to the world”.
  • You can make edits directly on YouTube! If you login to your account, you can add titles and call-outs. You can even embed links right in your video! This is nice if you make a video, then a student points out that you made a minor error. You can put in call-out correcting the error and do not have to remake the whole video!


  • YouTube is still blocked in many schools. Fortunately many schools are realizing the educational benefits and are unblocking.
  • No matter how benign your video, there might be someone who posts a completely inappropriate comment. You might want to disable comments.

Many flipped class teachers are posting their videos on the sites corresponding to the program they are using. For example, Screencast-o-Matic, Jing and Camtasia all have sites for hosting videos. The business model seems to be that the first 2GB are free, and they charge a monthly fee for premium services.

You may also be able to store your videos directly to you school or district server. Check with you IT department to see if this is feasible.

For students without an Internet connection or computer at home, many teachers simply put the videos on flash drives or burn them to DVD.  

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